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Tap Venue is a completely new way to generate revenue for brick & mortar businesses by displaying Video and Interactive Ads,  giving advertisers the ability to reach a highly sought after customer base with modern and engaging ads.


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What is Tap Venue

Learn How Tap Venue Can Benefit Your Business.


Generate Passive Revenue
From In-House Advertising

Brick-and-mortar businesses can display fun and engaging Video or Interactive Ads to their patrons. Create a new avenue for revenue by using your existing TVs!


Interactive Advertising Creates
A Fun & Memorable Experience

Traditional Ads are ineffective and expensive. Break through the clutter of traditional ads with a Tap Venue interactive ad. Add Your brand assets, and your ad message. We display your ad and let users interact with it via a QR code. 


Interactive Advertising Creates
Engaging, Memorable Experiences

Traditional advertising is expensive and ineffective. Break through the clutter with Tap Venue Interactive Ads. Design your interactive ad to include customizable messages and your branding. Users interact with your ads via QR code.


Cut Out The Middleman
& Avoid Extra Fees

Tap Venue cuts out third party companies and directly connects you to verified ad display venues. We’ll never charge your more than your established campaign budget and our 10% service fee.

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