5 Brick & Mortar Business Trends For 2022

Brick & Mortar business owners know the struggles of keeping their business thriving while keeping guests engaged and satisfied. We’ve put together some 2022 business trends for brick and mortar businesses that can ease the burden of managing your business while positively affecting the customer experience. 


Buy now, pay later

The line between online and brick and mortar business continues to blur. Traditionally online-only, buy now, pay later services are emerging in small retail stores. Consumers can use buy now, pay later services to avoid paying interest on their credit cards and to make purchases that might not fit into their budget otherwise. This helps the business execute a sale where there otherwise wouldn’t be one, which is something brick and mortar business owners understand is essential to continued growth. 


Online Ordering & Delivery/Pickup

Online ordering is an essential element of any business and offers customers a convenient way to purchase products and services. Click and collect services have seen a significant increase in use over the years because consumers want a safer, faster and less stressful shopping experience. Weather you’re starting a new business or maintaining an existing one you should consider a ordering or pre-orderings system to help customers have a more seamless, less stressful pathway to purchase your goods and services.


Digital Displays & Digital Signage

Digital displays and digital display software help establish a connection between your physical business and the virtual world. This is an ever-growing need if businesses want to keep up with their customers, regardless of location or platform. Digital displays make it possible to merge your on-premise and digital marketing efforts into one seamless experience. Services such as Tap Venue offer an affordable way to implement digital displays into your business toolkit. 


Increased Push For Sustainability

Customers’ preferences and expectations are changing rapidly. One of the big changes that has emerged is the consumers’ desire to use sustainable products that have minimal impact on the environment. According to a stud done by McKinsey 65 percent of German and UK consumers now say they will buy more high-quality items that last longer, and 64 percent of Chinese consumers will consider more environmentally friendly products. This means you and your business should put environmental sustainability at the forefront of your product or service.


Contactless Payment Solution

Contactless payment options are an ever-growing expectation for consumers. In a study conducted by RCE they found that 42% of adults surveyed anticipate that, a year from now, they will be shopping in-person and online equally. With the increase in in-person shopping, customers are now more aware than ever of contactless payment options such as contactless card and mobile payments. The RCE study also found that 36% of adults either used or heard about contactless credit cards for the first time during the coronavirus pandemic. It’s more important than ever to meet customers’ expectations and offer a contactless payment solution.