Generate Passive Revenue Though Your Digital Signage

Tap Venue has innovated the way digital signage integrates into brick and mortar organizations, empowering our clients to generate additional revenue though displays complementary advertising on their screen. Start your journey to generate additional revenue by starting your free 30 day trial!

Complementary Advertising

Every time an ad is displayed you get paid. We automatically deliver advertisements to your digital signage based on your location, industry and on-site traffic. We focus on delivering complementary advertising that doesn’t compete with the products or services you offer.

Automated Revenue Generation

Take your in-store advertising to the next level. Easily manage all your displays from our Display Manager & make quick changes! Check out some of the most popular features from our all-in-one platform.

Revenue Tracking

Easily track the revenue for all displayed ads from each of your signs and see your top performers, and top ad industries.

Automated Payouts

Get paid out every two weeks for the previous weeks. Attach your payout method in the billing portal for automated payouts.

Minimal Upkeep

Tap Venue saves you time while generating additional revenue. We handle automated delivering and manual approving of the ad content so you can focus on your business.

Control Advertising

We give you control over the ads displayed. You can create a block list or allow list which block certain advertisers or words displaying on your screen.

How To Get Started

Getting started with Tap Venue is quick and easy. We have outlined a guide below that goes over your journey to generating passive advertising income though digital signage.

1. Sign Up

To get started generating additional revenue you'll need to register for an account. Signing up is 100% free, and we offer a 30 day free trail for your first device subscription.

2. Register A Digital Sign

Register your first digital signage device for free for the first 30 days! We require that each device has been actively subscribed and displaying content for 90 days before its eligible to display ads. This helps us maintain the high quality network we strive to provide to you and our advertsiers.

Device Subscription
Device Subscribed for 90 days 100%

3. Get Invited To Our Ad Network

Once one of your device has met the requirements to display advertising we will reach out to you to get your device registered for ad displays. This includes collecting some information and analyzing your displays from the last 90 days. This process can take between 3-7 business days. Application priority goes to users with more referrals.

4. Get Paid!

After your device has been added to the ad network we will start delivering automated advertising based on your preferences. You'll be able to add your payout information to our billing portal for automated payouts!

Payment is made bi-monthly to the bank account or card on file in the Stripe Billing Portal. There you can track all of your payments and tax information.

Payments for each ad placement vary based on the location, time displays, length of display, industry and ad market conditions.  These factor lead to varying payouts for each ad display. Our minimum display payout rates for our ad network are listed below for your reference. These do not include industry or location multipliers. 

The ad cost is split 60% to the partner business(you) and 40% for us.

Image : $1.20/minuet / $72/hour

Video: $2.40/minuet / $144/hour

Dynamic: $3.60/minuet / $216/hour

You can see how much each ad payed out in your transaction log.

Start Generating Additional Revenue

 Now is a great time to start exploring revenue generation though complementary ad displays. Sign up for free today to see how we can enhance your business! No payment necessary, try out  our features for 30 days, to see if it’s a good fit for your business.

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